Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, cancellation requests cannot be considered. We aim to ship your order as soon as possible, please order carefully.
Our products have expiry of 2 years from the time it is opened. We recommend you store the products in a cool, dark place and avoid extreme temperatures, to maintain optimum efficacy.
Yes, we do have ingredient list on our products.
This applies only to cash on delivery payment orders in Pakistan. If a customer places your order through the website and then reject it on delivery. The company holds a right to deny your future orders or ask for advanced payment before processing your order if a customer has a history of refused shipments.
Unfortunately, we cannot amend orders, we would love to be able to change this for you, however, this is not possible after the order has been submitted to our warehouse to be processed.
Our products are manufactured in ITALY according to EU standards.

Firstly, please check the email address that you entered at check out is correct.  If so, please check your junk mail too, if it's still not received after 24 hours of placing your order then you can use the CONTACT US section and we'll look into this for you. Please send us the full name used on your order to help us locate it.

Yes, our products are Vegan. We are committed to offering the best quality to our customers. Our goal is to continue to make the best decision for customer satisfaction while ensuring we stay true to our brand goal of being high quality and safe cosmetics.

Accenti Beauty is a very conscientious brand that is proud to offer cruelty-free products.
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